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Car rental terms and conditions

Price includes: Civilian insurance, KASKO insurance, Emergency road assistance 24/7, Sales Tax.

Minimal rental period 1 day.

The renter is obligated to provide a vehicle to the lessee for a specified price.
The lessee becomes the righteous owner of a car during the period of rent. The renter insures the car and the lessee. The renter is obligated to check the condition of the vehicle and ensure that it is safe to use before the rent. The car that the renter provides must be clean and tanked up.

The lessee must have at least one year of driving experience,
use the car only in the territory of Lithuania (unless the renter specifies differently). The mileage of the rented car is unlimited.

The lessee must provide a valid driver license, which allows him to drive the rented car. The lessee must also submit a passport or ID card to the renter. The lessee must pay full price for the rent before the beginning of the rent.
The lessee must leave a deposit for the car which varies from 100 to 400 USD depending on the class of car. That may be used to cover any damages made to the car, that may occur during the period of car rental. When returning the car the lessee must also pay for the consumed fuel in the fuel tank, since the renter always provides a car with the full fuel tank.


The lessee undertakes full responsibility if a non-insurable event occurs during the period of rent. The lessee takes the responsibility for all the consequences that may occur if transferring the car to a third person. If the lessee violates the road traffic rules he must pay all related penalties.
In case of car theft, the lessee must compensate the damage if don’t return the car keys and registration documents to the renter.



The Vehicle will be exclusively used by the Driver for the transport of persons and their belongings, respecting the road traffic rules and the vehicle characteristics. The Driver agrees not to abandon the vehicle, or leave it in conditions of being improperly used by third parties, or stolen. Driver neither will use the Vehicle to transport people or goods in exchange for money or in a professional way.

4.2. SCOPE

The Vehicle can only be used in Spain, excluding the Balearic and Canary Islands, and the Principality of Andorra

4.3. PRICE

The applicable price is set on public display; Driver knows, understands and accepts it. The method of payment is in advance, in cash or electronic payment. If the payment is made in cash, the Driver will provide a deposit. The daily price includes a maximum of 200 km per day; if this limit is exceeded, extra mileage will be invoiced. In case of advance booking, if the cancellation occurs within 24 hours before the start of the contract, a penalty fee of 50% of the normal rate will be applied.


The Driver understands, accepts and agrees to comply with the conditions of use established at the end of this contract.


The Vehicle is delivered to the Driver with the gas tank full, with all fittings and accessories required by law, in good condition of conservation and operation and it would be returned at the date and time specified in this Agreement, in the same good condition as was received, clean, and with all accessories and attachments. The Driver has 30 courtesy minutes without penalty. If the Vehicle is returned more than 30 minute late and after 3 hours, a penalty fee equal to the daily rate will be applied. If the delay is between 3 and 6 hours, the penalty fee would be twice of the daily price, and three times the daily price if for delay between 6 and 24 hours. A late return of more than 24 hours will be charge at 200 € per day or part thereof.


In case of breakdown, damage or turn on of a failure warning lamp, whatever the cause could be, the Driver will immediately contact CLICK in order to arrange the assistance. If the immobilization is for a reason attributable to CLICK, the Driver shall be entitled to receive a replacement vehicle delivered in CLICK’s offices. It is not permitted to repair or disassemble the Vehicle; manipulate its systems in a different way than regular use, manipulate its electronic or mechanics configuration or conditions. The odometer tampering carries a penalty of five times the daily rate.

Damages caused by improper use or negligence are the sole responsibility of the Driver.


In case of accident the Driver: a) would immediately notify CLICK, and the Police if there are injuries; b) will collect data and information from other vehicles or persons involved in the accident; c) will refrain from recognizing responsibility or guilty; d) is responsible for his own damages and injuries and those caused to third parties, and agree to completely afford it, without being able to claim CLICK.

The Driver is responsible and will afford the Vehicle damages according to the rates of the official service of the brand, plus the amount of a daily rental fee for each day that the Vehicle is immobilized for repairs.


The vehicle is covered by a mandatory and voluntary insurance policy, and the Driver had received complete information about it. Any coverage not included, or any responsibility for CLICK, not covered by the insurance, will be responsibility of the Driver.

If the Driver contracts a supplementary insurance, his responsibility before CLICK will be reduced to the exemption specified in this supplemental policy insurance, provided that the damages and responsibilities are effectively covered by the insurance.

4.9. THEFT

In case of Vehicle theft, the Driver will report to the Police and deliver to CLICK the keys of the Vehicle and a copy of the complaint. Otherwise, the Driver will have to pay the value of the Vehicle to CLICK.


The Driver is responsible for civil and criminal sanctions and fines resulting from the use of the vehicle. If CLICK has to afford any responsibility for these concepts, the Driver will compensate CLICK for all the damages, including legal defense and advice costs.


The Driver may terminate the rent before the scheduled time, in the same way as CLICK can do it if the Driver breaches the contractor does not respect the terms or conditions of use. In neither of these cases, the User may not claim any refund for the time not consumed. The Driver authorizes CLICK to remove the vehicle wherever will be found.


The Driver authorizes CLICK to charge the amount of the duties, responsibilities and fines to the credit or debit card provided. If Renter and Driver are not the same people, both jointly assume the obligations and responsibilities arising out of the rental agreement.


Driver agrees that his personal information will be included into a computerized database, declared to the Spanish Data Protection Agency, called «fitxer de clients» in order that CLICK can provide the agreed services. Driver also authorize that his personal data can be transferred to the Authorities, for public security reasons, and to other collaborating companies who have signed an agreement with CLICK for the provision of services. The manager of the personal data file is CLICK, and rights of access, rectification and data deletion can be made before CLICK.


This agreement is governed by the laws applicable in Catalonia and conflicts about interpretation, breaches and compliance or non-compliance will be resolved by  Vilanova I la Geltrú Court of Justice.


  1. a) The Vehicle is only authorized to circulate on paved roads.
  2. b) The Vehicle cannot be used to participate in sport competitions, even for the preliminary recognition, preparation and monitoring of these events; the vehicle neither can be used in non-competitive activities, as gymkhanas, or others.
  3. c) The Vehicle cannot be used to push or drag objects, trailers or other vehicles.
  4. d) If the vehicle is returned dirty, cleaning costs will be assumed by the Driver.
  5. e) Fuel is charged to the Driver. Use of inappropriate or wrong fuel will be considered as damage attributable to the Driver.